Venezia Gondola
Venezia Gondola
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When on holiday in Venice you can’t miss a gondola tour. So why not choose someone organizizing unique itineraries along its dream canals?
A gondolier used to work for his master. and as every servant was, so was he the keeper of many secrets about the city: he knew all about the myths and legends, stories or rumours along and across the Venice canals; he knew off-the-beaten paths, who rode in what gondola and where, who lived where and what they were up to.
Gondola were also used as a comfortable shelter for lovers (they used to have the ‘felze’, covering the gondola and protecting its guests from unwanted sights) so the gondoliers used to keep secrets about who was in and what they were doing. Moreover, all the main palaces in Venice had their entrance door on the canal side so by riding in a gondola you could get close to them and see what was happening inside.
The gondoliers’ long tradition is still living today we have created for you some very suggestive, unique and interesting itineraries who will let you discover the most mysterious and secret part of Venice. Your gondolier will tell you the most incredible stories concerning this or that palace, the family who used to live in centuries ago, the people living in today and much more…
All the itneraries can be booked online. You can have a look at them and decide what best suits your need and wishes: a nice ride with your partner, with the whole family, with friends and so on.

Risparmiare in gondola
From: 01-07-2016 to: 31-10-2016

Risparmiare in gondola

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